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Towards Elefsis 

written by Pavlos Matesis

Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun

The initiating journey of a family, who undertakes to return the dead Mother to her homeland. The pictorial writing style of Pavlos Matesis, derives its symbols from the Eleusinian Mysteries ritual, from the universe of world mythology, from traditional morals and customs, and illustrates a world where poetry and dream are intertwined in reality. In Matesi's work, the descent into Hades is the ascension to light and knowledge. The heroes of the project "march with endurance and necessity to Eleusis", left in the mysteries of death, until they gain this miracle called Life.

Direction | Ilektra EllinikiotI

Dramaturgy | Alexandros Mistriotis

Set Design | Olga Brouma

Costumes | Dimitra Liakoura

Music | Gregory Eleftheriou

Light Design | Christina Moumouri

Photos | Giorgos Valsamis

Video | Vasilis Kekatos

Assistant Director | Isavella Margara

Assistant Set Designer | Silia Koi

Production | Lead-in Arts


 Dimitris Drossos, Maria Kavogianni, Yannis Kokiasmenos, Maria Mamouri, Athanasios Mylonopoulos 

and Antonis Christou, Ilektra Ellinikioti, Chara Korombli, Alexander Skourletis

website photos | Nikiforos Plyttas

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