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Sleeping Beauty

Grimm(X5) festival - Knot Gallery 

September 2012 

Sleeping Beauty was an installation created for Grimm(X5) festival at Knot gallery curated by Themelis Glynatsis. 

Along the storage room in the  basement of the gallery a “mourning  bed” was placed, inspired by John Everett Millais' painting Ophelia. On the right, an empty old frame was placed to define the one  projection space while the other was mapped in the staircase on the left. There were two loop projections; the infinite march of the prince from day to night and the repetitive  awakening of the beauty. Videos and sounds were recorded in different areas in Greece, as well as the collected items(ie.keys, icon, bed head etc) and plants used to create the decoration of the bed and the outfit of the performer. A small ceremony was taking place for only three members of the audience, that would be seated next to the dead as if they were the relatives. The Greek musical theme that is included  is a traditional song for the girl that is going to be married. Adding to the procedure, as time passed by and because of the humidity, the smell of the plants became stronger. 

Installation, Video & Sound design | Olga Brouma

performance | Natassa Papandreou

Song | Mata Kourti

Documentation | Giannis Georgiou

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