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M.A.Z.I. | Extravagant Union(Andreas Andreou & Zoe Lemonier)

Video | OLga Brouma


MAZI is a collaborative ongoing project of Extravagant Union(Andreas Andreou & Zoe Lemonier). The video is an outcome of a collaborative process that took place in June 2018 at Apparat Athen.

MAZI means together in Greek, and the play tells the story of A and Z. A is a man, he is Greek and Z is a woman, she is French. They love each other and want to be together. This longing is what starts the play and their failures to make it are what keeps it going.

This is the ever-repeated tune that forms the melody of the play, trying to be together like a musical theme looping, expanding, being distorted through text, movement and video. 


This exploration is rooted in mythical material as well as its confrontation with the modern means of communication.

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